Monday, September 24, 2007

Anne Curtis Marie Claire Cover

Filipina actress Anne Curtis graces the cover of this month's Marie Claire magazine, looking absolutely beautiful and a little startling in this retro 1930s style.

If you ask me, sometimes the magazine editors in the Philippines do bad jobs in picking which pictures to choose for covers, having a little experience in advertising myself, many times, they over-Photoshop the covers with the touch-ups to the point where it looks unnatural. How many times have I seen that with pictures in Cosmopolitan Philippines, especially when they feature Filipino actors, the Filipino magazine editors go overboard and touch the pictures up so much it doesn't even look like the original actor anymore and it looks more like a fake picture. Not smart at all, especially from a marketing perspective. People don't want fake pictures, they want at least a little bit of naturalness when looking at their favorite celebrities.

Also, for magazine covers, this picture is a horrible pick, because of Anne Curtis' menacing facial expression. Studies have shown that people prefer smiling faces and if not smiling, then it should at least be a pleasant facial expression and not a facial expression that displays negativity, I understand Anne was trying to be like a sexy femme fetal with her facial expression, but it's a thin line, and this picture, it's crossed over into negativity, and if they're going for a suave and sexy femme fetal look, suave and sexy is not the pathos that Anne Curtis is displaying on her face, instead it looks like she wants to murder you, haha, which is not enticing at all for the people who are looking for a magazine to buy.

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