Sunday, September 16, 2007

Enrique Iglesias on Filipino heritage

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R: We dragged him into our studio, which is rather cold, he had to put his jacket on, grilled him with your questions, that you guys sent in last night after hours. So without further ado let me hand you over to myself and Enrique Iglesias.

R: Enrique thank you very much for coming in first of all.
E: Thank you.

R: You did great tonight! Most people come in our living room they do three songs, you did eight?
E: No we were just screwing around see to get the sound right, but the audience was great they were very cute.

R: They were very excited.
E: Yeah they were very nice.

R: We've been giving the tickets away all week and they've been going mentalfor you. So it was so nice that you did that first of all.
E: And it was very laid back, so it's cool, you know. There was no pressure whatsoever.

R: Have you done that sort of thing before?
E: Yeah a few times but not a lot. Not a lot, I mean not for radio.

R: We just imagine that you'd play just huge screaming gigs, you know, as opposed 15 people sat in a living room.
E: No. I know but it was cool, that's what I said, it was laid back so there was no pressure. It's good to do gigs like that.

R: That's cool. Well we have a whole host of questions, which I can't ask everyone's, lots of people wanted to come to the gig tonight, but they couldn't come because we didn't have that many tickets, so I have some questions. If they're a little close to the knuckle they're not my fault, ok it's the ladies fault.
E: That's OK.

R: Here we go. First of all Brandy Mancini, she e-mailed in last night to Capital and said she would like to know the profile please of your ideal woman. The women in London are mad for you, can you tell them, please.
E: I don't have an ideal woman. The day I get married, that'll be my ideal woman.

R: They're all going to be ringing up now.
E: But I don't really have, I can't tell you that she's gotta be like this, or, I'll probably marry the opposite.

R: So do you find that you find someone and the person at that time is the person?
E: I think it's all about chemistry, if you like someone, you like someone and that you can't really control.

R: Absolutely.
E: And I'm like, I'm not very picky.

R: I can't believe that somehow.
E: Should I say that?

R: You have! So basically Brandy could be in with a chance there if she managed to meet you at one of your gigs in London. You never know, you never know! Melanie Brown also e-mailed into us last night, and she says she was lucky enough to meet you in London last January, when you were here. She's obviously one of your dedicated fans. And you told her that you speak, is this right, Tagalog? Tegalog?
E: Ah Tagalog.
R: Tagalog? So completely wrong then!
E: I was like, Tagalog?

R: What is it? And were you telling her the truth?
E: Oh Tagalog, no because I am part Filipino.

R: Yeah.
E: And in the Philippines they speak Tagalog, but I don't really speak Tagalog. Did I say I spoke Tagalog?

R: So she says.
E: No I don't think I, no oh maybe, oh I'm sorry if I did. I'm a stup~d li@r sometimes.

R: She was probably so overawed at meeting you, she just imagined that maybe happened.

R: But I wanted to know what it was, because I never heard the word.
E: No that's why because I'm part Filipino.

R: Fantastic.
E: I don't look Filipino, but I am.

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Monce Munoz said...

i always thought he was just Mexican because he sang in Spanish, but i always forget about some singers ranging from Colombia or anywhere that links to Latin America, like Shakira but she's easy to identify. I didn't know he was filipino until i looked him up. Puedo ser tan estùpida a veces.