Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tamara Falco, the Filipina Paris Hilton

Young Filipina fashion designer, Tamara Falco, the 26-year-old second youngest daughter of Isabel Preysler, is recently being hailed as the Paris Hilton of Spain by the media due to her recent TV appearances in which she appears speaking in ... well a rather ditzy voice, which I think is kind of cute because she reminds me of some girls from my high school, however the media loves to make fun of her accent in Spanish with her problems in diction and pronounciation and the fact that she was born with the silver spoon handed over to her.

Tamara Falco recently released her own line of clothing called Second Skin, and has designed a few dresses for her mother Isabel Preysler and sisters Chabeli and Ana.

-What did you guys think about Hormigas Blancas, the recent TV documentary about your mother? Did you like it Tamara?

Tamara: I watched it for a little while, and then changed the channel.

-So you didn't like it at all?

Julio: Well the life of our mother, we already know it.

-You designed that dress?

Tamara: Well, my company designed it.

-Ah okay. Well, you look very beautiful.

Tamara: Thank you very much!

-Have a good time. Where's your boyfriend?

Tamara: In Madrid.

-Is he studying? Is he working?

Tamara: Today he had a job interview, so let's see if they choose him to start training.

-Are you gonna get married soon Tamara?

Tamara: No not for now. No it's not that I'm scared, it's just that I think I'm still too young. So...I don't know, I'll think about it, I dream about it, it's not something I would rule out all together.

-How long have you two been together?

Tamara: It's gonna be about a year.

But if I had to name a Paris Hilton of the Philippines, it'd probably be Kris Aquino.

It seems that problems in diction run in the family, as Julio Iglesias, Jr. has the same problem as his younger sister Tamara, which makes for extremely entertaining TV viewing. They're so funny.


Anonymous said...

she's not filipina and she's not a fashion designer...everithing is wrong in this post.

Anonymous said...

Well, the fact that her mother has Filipina blood should account for something. Even her half brother Enrique Iglesias, claimed to have Filipino blood.

Anonymous said...

She's not filipina at all, in any case she should be considered SPANISH, as more than a half of her blood IS SPANISH, But anyway, filipinos always want to feel proud of things that dont belong to them ;)

Anonymous said...

More than half of her blood is Spanish??? She is half Filipina half Spanish Her mother is Isabel Preysler who is a Filipina...Duh!!!

Anonymous said...

her mother is filipino because she was born in there but shes half spanish that makes her daughter 25%filipino 75%spanish :)

Anonymous said...

but the girl in question is not filipino, she has some filipino blood but at the end of the day that doesnt make her filipino

Anonymous said...

Filipino traces in her blood, yes, but Spanish through and through! I don't think she's ever been to The Philippines, let alone speak the language!