Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heart Evangelista Abortion

So after Filipina actress Heart Evangelista's controversial abortion issue, especially in the extremely conservative Roman Catholic country of the Philippines, this brings up the important topic of how Filipina women are portrayed in Philippine media and the birth control issue.

Before, I was really upset that they always made Heart to be that squeaky clean girl with the perfect life, that was what the studio execs wanted out of her, which I didn't like, because I just knew that behind all that white cleanliness was a real girl wanting to be recognized, I kind of knew something like this would happen, because while many due to their different perspective in life thought that Heart's life was perfect, I knew it wasn't, I knew it was just publicity to make money riding on Heart's squeaky scandal-free image (back then). I just knew that the pressure they (the TV networks, the media, the Filipino public) put on these girls to be perfect all the time would get to them eventually, but now that I discovered certain things about her, I think her cool factor just shot the roof for me.

But back to Jericho and Heart, they seem to have gotten past it, as they were spotted here happily surfing in La Union.

Photos courtesy of sexynomad.i.ph

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