Thursday, September 13, 2007

Marimar Fever returns to the Philippines

I'm very excited that GMA7 has bought the rights to the original Televisa telenovela Marimar starring Thalia and Eduardo Capetillo and created a Filipino version in Tagalog.

I did not like Marimar very much as a novela, I liked Maria la del Barrio better, but it's still an interesting venture, and I've watched the first 5 chapters, and it's done very well. I thought it would be very corny like Kampanerang Kuba was, with corny dance and song numbers, but they followed the script, and it's all acting, and that's good.

I've always liked Marian Rivera, I thought she was one of the better young actresses in the Philippines, and she does a good job, and she's beautiful. I don't think that they should compare Thalia with Marian Rivera though and do a "versus" thing, because anyway the Filipino version of Marimar is a remake of the Mexican version of Marimar, which was not actually the original version like most Filipinos believe. The Mexican version of Marimar starring Thalia was actually a remake in itself of the original Venezuelan telenovela from the 1970s.

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