Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pilita Corrales Spanish song

The legendary Ms. Pilita Corrales sings in Spanish, Tagalog, and English and shows off her sexy legs all in one song: her duet with Janno Gibbs. Don't we all just love her? She's our bellisima reina de canciones, and still amazingly beautiful at the age of whatever her age is right now, which is ageless, hehe.

I was really happy because I remember that during the Latin American parade last September here in Los Angeles, Philippines was part of it, and it was televised nationally in the US, Latin America, and Spain on the Spanish language TV network Univision, which most Filipinos think, ah it's a Spanish language network, it's not important, actually it is, because regardless of it being in Spanish, it gets higher ratings than most of the major English language networks, last year it was the 3rd highest ranking network in the United States, #1 is ABC, #2 NBC, #3 Univision, and Fox, the CW, and MyTV are #4-6, so a lot of people were watching when the song during the part where Philippines was walking down the parade was a Pilita Corrales song, and the announcer said, "What a beautiful dance the Filipinos have, tan cariƱosa, and what a beautiful song." I'm sure Ms. Corrales would be so happy to hear the influence she's still having on the world today.

Special thanks to Mr. Francis Magalona for the nice digital photo on the left (you rock Francis as always, you the man, compadre, keep up the great work on your music and your comedy stylings on Eat Bulaga!), which I photoshopped with an old album cover of Ms. Corrales on the right in which she looks amazingly beautiful, as always.