Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jesse Bradford The Echo

So I just remembered that the Hollywood version of Sigaw, titled The Echo, is coming out soon. The project was first noticed and brought to fruition by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and now it's in full swing and in the process of filming in Canada. The part of Richard Gutierrez will be played by Jesse Bradford, and Iza Calzado will reprise her role in the Hollywood version, which is fantastic. It was gonna be played by this British actress, but Iza will be playing it now. Jesse Bradford watched the original version in Tagalog, and told Yam Laranas that he couldn't believe how scary it was. Yam is the skilled director of the original movie and the new Hollywood remake, and the first ever Filipino to become part of Steven Spielberg's multi-million dollar production company Dreamworks. This movie is putting the Philippines directly on the map in Hollywood. We'll be posting more updates here as soon as we hear them from Yam.

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