Monday, October 8, 2007

Julio Iglesias, Jr. El Club de Flo

Filipino singer and model Julio Iglesias Jr. can add another profession to his resume - comedian. Julio Jose received rave reviews for his comedic talents one of the stars of the recent Spanish reality show "El Club de Flo."

That means that we have another successful Filipino comedian in the world besides Rex Navarrete, and it's one of those kids of Isabel Preysler, gotta love them. The only difference is Rex does it in English, Julio does his comedy in Spanish. And he's hilarious, his comedy is so funny. It takes too much time to translate everything he's saying into English, but you can ask your Spanish-speaking lola, tito, neighbor or teacher to translate it for you, because he's a funny guy. Maybe you can even make it part of your school project if you have Spanish class in school.

Julio Iglesias Jr. as a singer:

Dejame Volar (Let me fly)

Julio Iglesias Jr. as a comedian:

Julio talks about sex, and his brother Enrique

Julio talks about virginity, his parents, Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias, Tang orange drink, and coming home drunk

Julio talks about aging

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