Monday, October 8, 2007

Lea Salonga in Les Miserables

Lea Salonga, whose recent triumphant return to Broadway in Les Miserables has sparked such a great interest from the public in New York City that the show has been extended from it's original May 2007 all the way to March 2008, recently guest starred on's podcast. The Tony-award winning Filipina actress was visiting Manila for a two-week vacation from her regular Broadway gig, playing Fantine in the current revival of Les Miserables. Lea and her husband turn out to be huge fans of the OPM band scene! She talks about bands they're into like Imago, the Dawn, Sandwich, Cambio, Bamboo, and Paramita. She also gives us a peek into how she prepares for performances and recordings, and her near-telepathic musical connection with her brother, arranger/conductor Gerard Salonga. Finally, she offers inspiring tips for up and coming musicians who want to make it in the business.

Listen to the interview.
Lea Salonga looking stunning at her album release party at Carnegie Hall.

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