Friday, November 9, 2007

Filipino singer Enrique Iglesias talks about Isabel Preysler

Enrique Iglesias is featured in Elle Magazine where he talks about his mother and gambling with his lola (grandma) in Miami. Translated from Spanish by yours truly.

Isabel is the only song with a name on your album, with the same name as your mother...

Yes, but it's the only song that I didn't write. It's not about her.

And what are some of the things that you identify with about your mother?

My mother is the one that keeps the family together. She's a 10. She and my father have done a good job in surrounding us with good people.

Since you know yourself well, what is it like being around Enrique Iglesias?

In two words: gili-pollas (laughs). I think I'm very curious and I have a sense of humour, I'm always in a good mood. My dad is also a joker, like my grandfather, who was the one who kept us together. He never got mad. He lived happy to the end. I was very sad about his death, but he died leaving behind a happy life... I hope the day I die, I'll do it with the same happiness as him... Well, I still have my grandma Beba, the mother of my mother, who's also a lot of fun!


She's the best of my family. I say that because I love her very much. She's a great woman. She lives with me right now in Miami. She also likes to play and joke around. I take her to the casino. She goes crazy. My mother scolds me, "What are you doing over there gambling with your grandma!?!"

Enrique with his lola (grandmother) at their home in the Philippines.

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