Monday, April 21, 2008

Ellen Degeneres praises Filipino singers

Ellen DeGeneres recently featured Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda on her program, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". The popular American comedienne and TV host shared some details on how Pineda turned out to be the newest vocalist of the band.

Charice Pempengco guest starred on the Paul O'Grady Show in Britain on April 8 and blew the audience away.

DeGeneres said: "This guy, this is not lipsinging he's actually singing. His name is Arnel Pineda, (shows clip of Pineda while singing) anyways he is incredible! So the guitarist from journey Neal Schon saw this video and he sent email to Arnel and Arnel emailed back and now Arnel is in the studio recording the Journey album. He is gonna be the lead singer of "Journey" how cool is that. Let that be a lesson to you don't stop believing. And i think i want him on the show I think we were talking to him about he maybe on the show -- I think the whole band."

Ellen also said that there are lots of talented singers from the Philippines and mentioned Charice Pempengco, who guested on her show and drew a lot of attention from viewers around the world. Ellen said she would like Arnel and Journey to guest star on her show.

I've been a fan of Ellen Degeneres practically my entire life, since I was a little kid and used to watch her great and funny TV sitcom, all the way til her talk show, and it's just so wonderful to have the support from someone that you grew up with and looked up to since you were a kid. God bless Ellen, we love you!