Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Isabel Preysler Lecturas y Semanas Cover

Isabel Preysler is on the cover of the Spanish magazine Semana this week as the famous Filipina celebrates her 57th birthday. Above is a picture of the controversy that took place when the Spanish magazine Lecturas featured the same cover of Philippine Tatler. Of course, the Philippine Tatler and Lecturas are both owned by the same publishing company, but Isabel was still upset according to her daughter Tamara. In the Philippine Tatler, Isabel said, "I always try to promote Philippines whenever I can and try to help as much as possible." And she did, as she was recently in Manila as the godmother of an Inno Sotto fashion show, for which all proceeds were donated to homeless Filipino children. Meanwhile, Isabel's most famous son, Enrique Iglesias was in Miami, Florida for the 20th anniversary of the Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, where he performed to an excited crowd, let a reporter kiss him on the lips, and left everyone with their mouths wide open when he said in a press conference after the event that his most attractive physical assets are his testicles.And here's a picture of her beautiful daughter, Tamara Falcó, who is the covergirl of Yo Dona magazine. Tamara admits that she is posh, and that all the questions the media asks her are related to clothes. Speaking of Posh, Isabel Preysler is friends with Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, and even had Vickie and famous hubby David Beckham over at her mansion for dinner when he was still playing for Real Madrid. The Spice Girls end their reunion tour today with their final concert in Toronto. See how the Philippines is connected to famous people all over the world? And most Pinoys think that we just live in our own little prism, but we're out there in the world.
Spice Girls on Tour February 2008 Wallpaper
David Beckham Wallpaper