Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bamboo represents Philippines in UNICEF!

Bamboo's latest hit album released in 2007 "We Stand Alone Together" is still in stores nationwide and EMI Philippines is gearing the boys up for an international release. Bamboo is the most successful rock band in Philippine history and have also recently been named as the Philippines international representative to UNICEF (The United Nations), placing them up there with such prestigious international acts as U2 and the Spice Girls, also UNICEF representatives. There's just no words to describe how spiritual their music is, it hits you, deep in your puso while you're rocking out and enjoying it at the same time. The band is made up of that great singer Bamboo MaƱalac, Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz, and Vic Mercado. Listen to the #1 hit "Hallelujah" below. Philippine legend is that a bamboo split open, and out came the first man whose name was Malakas (Strong), and the first woman whose name was Maganda (Beautiful).